Sunday, January 17, 2010

La Jolla's Animal Farm - Part One

BA's Notes -
You gotta be kidding me - I don't know if I should laugh, cry, throw an epp, or???

Was the New Year's Resolution for every donkey in San Diego County to become a La Jolla surfer?

I was thinking that maybe, because I've put a billion photos up, that it was all my fault, but then, on second thought, as egocentric as I am, I ain't that much of a driving force.

I've watched surf spots between Black's and South Bird go from when it was rare to see more than 3 or 4 surfers in the water at the key spots, to now, when it's rare to see fewer than 25 people out at second tier spots at 6:00 AM

Oh well, the barn door's wide open, the donks and turkeys are free ranging it.

Finally gone thru today's Animal Follies Photos - What other sport can you mix a brew of expert participants, barney participants, and throw 'em into one lump?

AND then, of all things, have a swimmer and his personal photo eddie in a board surfing line-up?
By the way, we got kicked out of Boomer, North and South, in the early 60's - no boards allowed - ouch!
BarnYard Photos 1
BarneyLand Photos 2
MoonDonkey Photos 3

I have friends who quit surfing in the early 60's 'cause the Gidget and Moon Donkey became popular.

I have even more friends who quit surfing in the early 70's because every barney in the world became tethered to their board.

I'm getting a couple of new boards next week, it can't get better for me - we may have lost a few battles the past few weeks - but the war goes on.

It looks like we are gonna have a few days of rain - polluted water - stay home - be safe -

For you, all my little barnyard friends,
I will become your Hep C magnet, I will sacrifice my health so you may surf another day.

Stay home - stay well - be safe - if you're over 18, get your tribal band tattoos updated, have a few kids, and if you're over 21, drink gallons of booze, often.