Saturday, January 16, 2010

Riding The Silver Stallion

"Hey BA, where were you today, surf too big for you - you little girl?"

No - you're right when you say the surf was too big for me, but, I have an excuse, I was riding a modern version of The Silver Stallion.

About 300 BC, when I was performing the saber dance with melanoma, the docs ran a battery of tests to see if I might live more than 6 months.

I told one of my co-workers - a little old guy who looked like Santa Claus -about one of the more fear provoking upcoming tests.

He laughed and said, "wait 'till the doc goes 'around the corner'!"

So, when it was test time, I bent over and rode the Silver Stallion.

No problem, so I laughed a bit.

Doc sez: "What are you laughing about?"

I say: "Well doc, I got this mental picture of my Santa look alike co-worker in the same position I'm in, this ain't so bad!"

Doc sez: "Wait 'till I go around the corner!"

Yowza - not a lot of fun.

So, stupidly, I've been avoiding the procedure since then.

"Modern fibre-optic proctoscopes allow more extensive observation with less discomfort."

Fast forward to 2010 -

Prompted by the fact that of my friends, John Brower, just died of colon cancer, plus the fact that my oncologist kept insisting I do The Test -  I went to the father of the most tubed surfer in the world - Dr. Roseman.

Tested on Friday, 15 Jan 2010  - passed with flying colons, err, flying colors.

I got a 10 year pass 'till the next one.